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Figure Drawing From Imagination


Figure drawing from imagination is a requirement for many art professionals, but also frequently a limiting factor in the quality of their work.   The objective of “Figure Drawing From Imagination”  is not to improve students knowledge of obscure anatomy, insertion points and muscle groups.  The focus is teaching students to produce more believable full figure drawings without reference.

My process relies on using simple routines and checklists during and after the process of drawing. There’s no rendering or lighting to worry about, it’s pure line.  All assignments are carried out with pencil and paper ideally.  Through pre-recorded lectures, Q&A’s and Recorded feedback sessions I demonstrate my general study process and examine common drawing and study mistakes.  Some concepts and methods will be familiar, others I have developed myself and I haven’t seen taught elsewhere. 

Learning to draw well takes years, but I aim to train students’ independent study skills and get them maximum return on their time investment in drawing.  I love to draw and teach the human form and believe this course contains useful information to improve most artists’ figures from imagination!

Course Details

Course: Figure Drawing from Imagination

Dates:  9th Jan – 13th March 2021

Duration : 8 weeks of Classes / 9 weeks total including final Q&A

Materials : Pencils and Paper

Assignments : Submitted for critique weekly. 

Difficulty : Open to anyone, but knowledge of basic drawing and perspective advisable

Course Format:

1: Pre-recorded lecture released

2: 5 days for assignments – submitted via Google Classrooms

3: Saturday Q&A (1700 GMT) to discuss ideas from the lecture

4: After the Q&A, next lecture is released (approx 1900 GMT )

Figure Drawing From Imagination follows a structured progression to learning anatomy, so lectures aren’t released simultaneously – to give us time to discuss each session. Q&A discussion is limited to material covered in the lecture that week, or in previous weeks, so we stay focused and avoid jumping ahead and discussing topics we’ve not laid the foundation for.

There is no Q&A the first Saturday, because we haven’t watched the video or done the assignment yet. There will be a Q&A for every lecture, but we have a slightly staggered start the first week. I’ll assess your assignments and and provide a recording with all the feedback weekly.

Weekly Workload: Approx. 1.5 hr Lecture + Approx 2 hr Q&A (Saturdays 1700 GMT)  + Approx 2 hour Recorded critique + Time taken to do assignments

Instructor: Tom Fox is a Drawing Instructor and Freelance Story Artist who has previously worked for Universal Studios, Aardman Animations, Axis Animations and The BBC.

If you purchase the course and are not sent an invite to the google classrooms within 7 days, please email to notify me



Refunds: 10 days before class starts 100%
5 days before class starts 50%
1 day before class starts 0%
(NB: Paypal fees of ca. 3% apply to transactions. Total payment received via Paypal will be returned.)

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• Due to reasons such as illness, family emergency, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, I reserve the right to push any class back 1 week in schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts.

*Streaming access to pre-recorded lectures and Q&A’s available 90 days from final Saturday.

*If fewer than 15 seats are purchased, the class will be cancelled and students will be refunded.  

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